The common application of industrial conveyors

Posted by Khuê Trần Đăng on 09/08/2020

What is an industrial conveyor?

An industrial conveyor is a type of equipment used to transport goods and materials from one stage to another on a production line.

Since the industrial revolution started the industrial conveyor has been widely used. Today, industrial conveyors have developed very strongly, meeting more difficult and complex needs such as sorting, inspection, lifting….

Conveyors system in eggs factory
Conveyors system in eggs factory

Hai Tan is a contractor for works using industrial conveyors such as production lines, material supply systems, service conveyor systems. In this article, we would like to take a look at some applications of industrial conveyors.

Popular industrial conveyor applications

Industrial production line

In today’s industrial production lines, the application of conveyors is imperative for automation. The industries that use many conveyors such as seafood production lines, consumer goods, mechanics, chemicals, textiles, footwear …

The industrial conveyor system
The industrial conveyor system

These lines are commonly used for conveyor belts, roller conveyors, plastic chains …

Automatic warehouse

Today, large and automated superstores appear to be more than just maximizing space efficiency. The automatic conveyor are an indispensable part to make the operation of warehouses faster, more efficient and safer.

Automatic warehouse
Automatic warehouse

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In the warehouse, people often use the pallet conveyor with large loads such as conveyor belt conveyor, roller conveyor …

Load bulk material

One of the earliest and quite popular applications is a bulk conveyor belt. We easily see this application serving in mining areas to convey minerals from the mine to the factory with distances that can be up to tens of kilometers.

 Load bulk material conveyors
Load bulk material conveyors

In addition, the input materials of factories often use bulk material conveyors such as cement factories, rice factories, agricultural products, animal feed-mill factories …

Usually, these applications use trough or air conveyors.

Service conveyor

An application of industrial conveyors that cannot be ignored is service conveyors, which serve the travel needs of people at airports, stations… These conveyors often transport luggage, goods, and even people.

In addition, in large supermarkets, people also apply the conveyor belt to the checkout stage.

Other applications

Conveyors also have many variations such as hanging chain conveyor, used in automobile assembly factories, motorbikes, paint conveyors, plating …

The conveyor can also be integrated onto the warehouse rack system to automate the warehouse.

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Of course, the above presentation is only for summary and conceptual purposes. Depending on each application, Hai Tan provides customers with different solutions to achieve the best efficiency.


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