Hai Tan’s staff is highly appreciated for its youthfulness, dynamism and enthusiasm. The background of the technical staff is from prestigious universities and has many years of experience working for large corporations.

Haitan Team
Haitan Team

Manager: 4 people.

Design and technical: 5 people.

Technical staff (skill level 5): 20 people.

Team of installation, maintenance, warranty: 5 people. In addition, 50-100 additional people can be mobilized from skilled seasonal workers.

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Hai Tan’s assembly workshop covers an area of about 600m2, in Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City.

Assembly workshop in HCMC.
Assembly workshop in HCMC.

At Hai Tan workshop, there are sufficient machines and equipment to perform mechanical manufacturing, control electricity, industrial electricity and refrigeration.

Mechanics - Industrial electricity
Mechanics – Industrial electricity
Electronic refrigeration
Electronic refrigeration

At Hai Tan construction site, there are forklifts, lifting tables and surveyors …


Hai Tan’s team has several staff members who used to work for the Interroll roller manufacturer from Germany. Currently, Interroll in Thailand is a supplier, as well as very strong support for Hai Tan in terms of technical.

Most especially, we are an associate company of some large machinery system manufacturers in Thailand: PS Metal works, CES, Intermat ….

PS is a longtime partner of CP Thailand. Their system appears in all CP factories in Southeast Asia. The main specialty is the food production line such as meat, fish, shrimp ….

CES is a multi-year partner of Thailand’s major airports, auto assembling companies, and manufacturing consumer goods …. Their products range from lifting equipment, robot arms to large conveyor system.

Intermat is a manufacturer of shelf frames, smart warehouse solutions.

Interroll is a manufacturer of rollers, roller motors, automated warehouse solutions, and product sorting solutions.


HaiTan’s motto is to serve our best, not to be afraid to share. HaiTan’s goal is to bring the products that are not the cheapest but the best, the most effective for customers.