Vacuum robotic arm


Robot trong tiếng Anh có nghĩa là người máy, là 1 cỗ máy mô phỏng các chức năng và hoạt động của con người.

Cánh tay robot là 1 dạng robot, nó mô phỏng cánh tay của con người, thực hiện các nhiệm vụ tuân theo điều khiển của máy tính hoặc những vi mạch được lập trình sẵn.


Until the 2020s, the robotic arm had a lot of improvements, many designs, structures and different versions. For the purposes of this article, Hai Tan will not describe the construction of a robotic arm but only go into one of its specific applications: vacuum-type robotic arm. To find out more, you can find more information on the websites of robot arm brands such as ABB, Kawasaki or Yaskawa.

Vacuum robotic arm
Vacuum robotic arm

The vacuum arm is a special application of gripper. Instead of using the tongs, people lift the goods by vacuuming. This type of product is often used to smoke sheet items such as glass sheets and metal sheets. An extremely common example is picking up metal sheets in a stamping line or assembly line of an automobile factory.

The driving force of the suction mechanism is the pneumatic system. The suction structure is more simple than the pick, with only two effects: suction or release.

Vacuum robotic arm

This suction-type robot arm withstands a lighter load, but operates faster, more flexibly than the gripping arm.

The manual control software can be easily connected with common control systems, conveyor controllers. Through the software, Hai Tan can assist customers with remote software via internet connection.


The vacuum robotic arm is a common application in the field of Intralogistics.

  • Cargo handling.
  • Transferring goods from one chain to another.

In addition, they are also applied in production lines such as:

  • Assembled.
  • Plate feeding

With different applications, Hai Tan and partners will implement different gripper designs and control software.


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