Băng tải thay đổi chiều dài telescopic

The telescopic conveyor is designed specifically for loading and unloading onto containers and trucks.

The advantage of this type of conveyor belt is that it can vary in length. The conveyor will have a movable head, which can extend deep inside the container 40 feet.

Please refer to the following article to learn more about this special type of conveyor.


The telescopic conveyor consists of a rubber belt conveyor that can shrink by hydraulic structure (similar to the structure in a crane). In addition to the length change function, the conveyor has a hydraulic ben system to change the angle of inclination. The entire system will have movable wheels. When operating, the system will be lowered to the ground fixed feet.



Capacity: 5kw

Dimensions: Length 4200 mm x Width 940mm x Height 900mm.

Belt width: 450mm.

Belt velocity: 0-36m / ph, belt material:       

Maximum stretching length: Total belt length 12m, length extending from fixed foot 7.8m.

Number of levels: 3

Load capacity: 60kg / m

Conveyor frame material: powder-coated steel.

Conveyor telescopic at collapse
Conveyor telescopic at the collapse


This product is specifically designed for shipping in containers, so the belt is usually PVC.

This conveyor is used to unload goods
This conveyor is used to unload goods


Hai Tan uses a motor of Sew, Teco or other brands, according to customers’ requirements.

The controller usually has inverters, devices from Japan, Korea, Taiwan. Design based on specific requirements.

Completely new hydraulic system.

The conveyor frame system is usually made from powder-coated steel frame.

Controller of telescopic
Controller of telescopic


Usually this product is designed with standard specifications as above. However, customers can order according to the width and maximum length of the request.


Come to Hai Tan, customers will be consulted, dedicated service from the quotation stage to the time of ordering, installing, operating, maintaining, warranty.

  • Warranty 12 months.
  • Nationwide Delivery.
  • Specific operating instructions.
  • Maintenance on-demand after the warranty period.

Motto of Hai Tan

Hai Tan’s motto is to serve our best, not afraid to share. Hai Tan’s goal is to bring the products that are not the cheapest but the best, the most effective for customers. For further information, please contact Hai Tan according to the information in the footer. “


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