Roller Conveyors

Hai Tan roller conveyor uses high-quality rollers, imported from Interroll Thailand. Specialized use for conveying goods in the form of boxes and blocks.

The advantage of roller conveyors is that the cost per unit of conveyor is cheaper than belt conveyors, more versatile than other types of conveyors …

Hai Tan receives the design, fabrication and installation of conveyor systems according to customers’ specific requirements. All consulting needs, please contact Hai Tan according to the information in the footer.


Roller conveyor is a form of conveyor that goods will be moved by rotation of the roller. The flat, hard bottom surface of the load block will contact the roller surface directly.

băng tải con lăn
Conveyor transfer beer tanks

This roller will be fixed on a conveyor frame, with a pulling motor or a free-form roller.

Rollers are the most important, and most expensive, component. Therefore, Hai Tan chose to use the product of a prestigious manufacturer in the world, Interroll. This is a brand from Germany, having the nearest factory in Thailand.

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Hai Tan has provided stainless steel rollers, plastic rollers, PVC-coated rollers, rough rollers …. According to each specific case.

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Depending on the type of drive, the direction of travel that we distinguish into several common types is as follows:

  • Free conveyor.
  • Conveyor straight form.
  • Conveyor belt type …


This type of conveyor is very simple, with a roller assembly arranged on a conveyor frame of steel or aluminum. Goods placed on the conveyor belt, will be moved manually.

Conveyors in this form will have the form of fixed frames, or elastic frames.

Free roller conveyor at end of production line

Typically, this type of conveyor will be used in small factories, diverse applications.


The straight conveyor will have more motor drive.

There are many types of transmission: chain conveyor, flat belt conveyor, ladder belt conveyor, circular belt conveyor … Corresponding to each type on the dynamic, the roller will have a more head with chain (sprocket), head pulley …

Straight roller conveyor pulled by chain
Straight roller conveyor pulled by chain

A conveyor usually has a length of 1-12m, the load can be up to tons, speed from 5-30m / ph. Material is made from stainless steel or powder-coated steel, depending on the customer’s order.

In addition to the traditional gearbox motor, Interroll has very special products such as:

Drummotor (motor located in 1 active roller, large capacity).
Roller Drive (small motor uses 24V electricity, the motor is in a roller, used in light load applications, need to stop correctly).
These products have the advantages of compact structure, waterproof with IP66 standard, precision control. However, the high price is the downside of the product.

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The curved conveyor is used to redirect product movement.

Curved conveyors
Curved conveyors

In this type of conveyor, the rollers will be conical. There are a number of manufacturers that use straight cylindrical rollers, however, such a design will make it easier for goods to bump into the conveyor belt.

All of the above products, Hai Tan are able to supply to customers nationwide. Conveyor frame will be fabricated at Hai Tan’s factory, the roller is imported from Thailand. In addition, Hai Tan also receives maintenance, warranty, and replacement and repair of accessories such as rollers, motors, chains, and belts for operating systems.


When ordering, please note the following main parameters:

  • Horizontal conveyor: In theory, Hai Tan can provide any size on request. But non-standard requirements will be expensive and difficult to maintain and replace. The common sizes are as follows: 400mm, 500mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm.
  • Weight, size of goods to be transported.
  • Customers need to clarify the request to stop on the distance traveled.
  • Conveyor height: The design of Hai Tan will be able to change the height (in a certain range). Typically, in Vietnam, the conveyor height will be the default from 800-1000mm.


Come to Hai Tan, customers will be consulted, dedicated service from the quotation stage to the time of ordering, installing, operating, maintaining, warranty.

  • After receiving specific requests from customers, Hai Tan will send technicians to the factory to survey.
  • There are survey results, depending on the complexity of the request, Hai Tan will provide many design ideas (maximum 5 ideas). Shown on 3D models and presented to customers. Customers will make choices based on those ideas. Then, add the requirements and finalize the final solution. Quotes will be calculated based on this option.
  • After signing the contract, all the system components are made available in the form of a factory module. Installation and commissioning before transporting to the site.
  • Hai Tan tries to accelerate the installation progress in order to avoid affecting production activities. Hai Tan can be installed during holidays and Tet holidays to take advantage of the downtime.
  • Minimum 12-month warranty. During the warranty process, Hai Tan is committed to seriously carrying out its duties.

”The motto of Hai Tan is wholeheartedly serving, not afraid to share. Hai Tan’s goal is to bring the products that are not the cheapest but the best, the most effective for customers. For further information, please contact Hai Tan at the footer information.”


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