Modular Belt

băng tải modular belt

Hai Tan modular belt conveyor is an effective solution for transporting goods in pieces, packages, bottles, jars, boxes, boxes…. in the food processing industry, confectionery, beverage and alcohol.

The advantage of this type of conveyor is that it has a fast conveying speed, easy to change direction including curve, up and down without moving through another conveyor.

Hai Tan uses modular belts from famous brands such as Intralox, Unichain, Habasit…. for your systems. For any quotation or advice, please contact Hai Tan at the footer.

Please refer to the following article to learn more about the types of modular belts that Hai Tan provides.



Modular conveyors transport goods based on the linear movement of the plastic or stainless steel links. These links link together to form a plane to transport goods. The underside of the chain will match the gear structure.

Plastic chain conveyor modular belt
Plastic chain conveyor modular belt

The difference of modular belt with topchain is that with one link, we can assemble it into the desired width.

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Like most other types of conveyors, modular belt conveyors also have traction motor systems, conveyor frames, controllers, chain tensioners, chain removal and especially the modular belt surface with plastic links. or stainless steel.

Video overview of modular belt conveyors


This is the most important and also the most expensive part. Normally, Hai Tan uses links from European countries, Japan, USA … such as Intralox, Unichain, Habasit … with the highest quality.

Habasit plastic chains
Habasit plastic chains

There are many types and standards of conveyor chains in modular belt conveyors. Each type will suit the most specific application.


Hai Tan uses a motor of Sew, Teco or other brands, according to customers’ requirements.

The controller usually has inverters, devices from Japan, Korea, Taiwan. Design based on specific requirements.

Conveyor frame system is usually made from powder coated steel frame or stainless steel depending on the requirements of the production line.

Stainless steel conveyor frame
Stainless steel conveyor frame


Modular belts are conveyors used for specific applications, so customers need to provide the following information when ordering with Hai Tan:

  • What is the goods to transport? Weight?
  • Requirements for stopping, sorting, redirecting on the production line.
  • Standards that conveyor should ensure: food standards, anti-acid standards ….


Come to Hai Tan, customers will be consulted, dedicated service from the quotation stage to the time of ordering, installing, operating, maintaining, warranty.

  • After receiving specific requests from customers, Hai Tan will send technicians to the factory to survey.
  • There are survey results, depending on the complexity of the request, Hai Tan will provide many design ideas (up to 5 ideas), shown on 3D models and presented to customers. Customers will choose based on these ideas, add requirements and finalize the final solution.
  • After signing the contract, all system components are manufactured in module form at the workshop, installed and commissioned before being transported to the project.
  • At the project, Hai Tan strives to accelerate the installation progress in order to avoid affecting production activities. Hai Tan can be installed during holidays and Tet holidays to take advantage of the downtime.
  • Typically, products supplied by Hai Tan will be warranted for a minimum of 12 months. During the warranty process, Hai Tan is committed to seriously carrying out its duties.

Motto of HaiTan

“Hai Tan’s motto is to serve our best, not afraid to share. Hai Tan’s goal is to bring the products that are not the cheapest but the best, the most effective for customers. For further information, please contact with Hai Tan according to the information in the footer. “


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