Gripper Robot


Robot in English means a robot, a machine that simulates human functions and activities.

The gripper is a type of robot that mimics a person’s arm, performing tasks that follow the control of a computer or pre-programmed circuits.


Until the 2020s, the robotic arm had a lot of improvements, many designs, structures and different versions. Within the scope of this article, Hai Tan will not describe the structure of a robot arm but only go into one specific application of it: gripper robot. To find out more, you can find more information on the websites of robot arm brands such as ABB, Kawasaki or Yaskawa.

Robot  holding bags of goods
Robot holding bags of goods

Gripper robot used to pick up goods and perform a certain task. The most common application we often see is the gripper that arranges the goods to pack. For example: arm piling beer bottles into the keg, arm piling rice bags on pallets, arm piling rice cakes into cartons …

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The gripper robot mechanism is usually moved by a pneumatic system. The most common structure is a two-finger gripper. In some special applications, people use 3 or more fingers.

2 fingers gripper
2 fingers gripper

Robot gripper is capable of loading and unloading goods of up to 1 ton. The arm span can reach 1m.

The manual control software can be easily connected with common control systems, conveyor controllers. Through the software, Hai Tan can assist customers with remote software via internet connection.

Tay gắp bao gạo xếp lên pallet
Gripper rice bags on pallets


Gripper robot are popular applications in the field of Intralogistics.

  • Cargo handling.
  • Transferring goods from one chain to another.

In addition, they are also applied in production lines such as:

  • Assembly robot arm.
  • Checking robot arm.
  • Measuring robot arm.

With different applications, Hai Tan and partners will implement different gripper designs and control software.

Robot arm-assembled in Thailand
Robot arm-assembled in Thailand


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