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Conveyor belt Hai Ton uses belt Amerrall, Habasit, bando, support rollers of Interroll, Teco motor, Sew … for highest quality, most stable operation. Belt conveyor is often used in the processing lines of seafood, meat, fish, confectionery, bulk goods, in boxes.

Hai Tan designed conveyor systems according to customer requirements. For advice, please contact Hai Tan at the information on the page below.

The following article will introduce the popular types of conveyors that Hai Tan provides as well as basic knowledge about belt conveyors.


Belt conveyors are conveyors of goods that are moved by the linear movement of the belt. The goods will be placed on a sealed conveyor belt, so no flat surface is required. Bulk cargoes can also be shipped.

Belt conveyors
Belt conveyors

The construction of a belt conveyor consists of a conveyor frame, belt carrier, traction motor, active drum, passive drum, belt tension mechanism, controller, and a number of other special devices.

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Belt is usually made from PVC or PU, depending on the requirements of use. Belt has many types such as:

  • Flat Belt.
  • Belt ladder.
  • Belt thorn face.

Depending on the specific application, Hai Tan has the most suitable specific solution.

In addition, it can also paste a wall, or a belt to transport bulk goods.

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The belt will be moved by the traction force of the motor through an active roller (also called an active drum).

The active roller is Drummotor
The active roller is Drummotor

In some special applications that require waterproofing, meeting food standards, Hai Tan uses a traction motor located inside the active drum, replacing the external gearbox motor. This product is called Drummotor, imported from Germany. The whole gear motor system is inside the active drum. This drum is water and dust resistant with IP66 standard. Using Drummotor, the process of cleaning the conveyor belt after use is very easy, convenient and safe.

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The belt will be supported by roller system or plane. Belt tension is adjustable thanks to a pre-designed belt tension system. Belt must be replaced periodically during use. This makes belt conveyors more expensive.

the printer belt
The printer belt

In addition, the belt tensioner also aims to remove the belt during replacement or periodic cleaning. This is a very important stage, if the designer does not pay attention to this factor, the operator will spend a lot of effort.


The frame is usually made of powder coated steel, or stainless steel. There are some products that use aluminum profiles.

Conveyor legs are designed to change the height or angle.

Conveyor belt to convey tables and chairs
Conveyor belt to convey tables and chairs

This frame, in addition to creating stability for conveyors, is also designed to be able to integrate other machinery and equipment such as printers, metal detectors, cameras, sensors …


Conventional conveyors will have a built-in inverter to change the speed.

Belt conveyor with inverter box

Belt conveyor with inverter box

In addition, the controller also connects with other conveyors and the central controller. All are designed according to customer requirements.


There are two main types of rubber conveyors:


Straight conveyors are the most commonly used product. In addition to moving goods straight, belt conveyors can also move goods uphill or downhill easily.

Belt conveyor inclined uphill
Belt conveyor inclined uphill

Hai Tan provides conveyors in the form of modules, each module has a maximum length of 12m. Conveyor widths according to customer requirements, however, standard widths will help reduce costs and make warranty easier.

The speed of the conveyor belt is adjustable by the inverter. Ranging from: 5-30 m / min.

Conveyor material can be made of stainless steel, iron with powder coating.

Belt made from PVC or PU, smooth surface, rough face, ribbed face, wall stickers, finished according to user requirements.


Curve belt conveyors (usually curve 90 or 180) are a very complex structure and must be fabricated very accurately to allow smooth and durable goods movement.

Conveyor belt curve angle of 90 degrees
Conveyor belt curve angle of 90 degrees


When ordering, please note the following main parameters:

  • Conveyor width: Theoretically Hai Tan can provide any size on request. But non-standard requirements will be expensive and difficult to maintain and replace. The standard sizes are as follows: 400mm, 500mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm.
  • Weight, size of goods to transport.
  • The length of 1 conveyor.
  • Customers need to clarify the request to stop on the distance traveled.
  • Conveyor height: The design of Hai Tan will be able to change the height (in a certain range), usually, in Vietnam, the conveyor height will be the default from 800-1000mm.
  • Tilt angle of conveyor.


Come to Hai Tan, customers will be consulted, dedicated service from the quotation stage to the time of ordering, installing, operating, maintaining, warranty.

  • After receiving specific requests from customers, Hai Tan will send technicians to the factory to survey.
  • There are survey results, depending on the complexity of the request, Hai Tan will provide many design ideas (up to 5 ideas), shown on 3D models and presented to customers. Customers will choose based on these ideas, add requirements and finalize the final solution. Quotes will be calculated on this plan.
  • After signing the contract, all the system components are made available in the form of a factory module, installed and commissioned before being transported to the project.
  • At the project, Hai Tan strives to accelerate the installation progress in order to avoid affecting production activities. Hai Tan can be installed during holidays and Tet holidays to take advantage of the downtime.
  • Typically, products supplied by Hai Tan will be warranted for a minimum of 12 months. During the warranty process, Hai Tan is committed to seriously carrying out its duties.

Motto’s Hai Tan

“Hai Tan’s motto is to serve our best, not afraid to share. Hai Tan’s goal is to bring the products that are not the cheapest but the best, the most effective for customers. For further information, please contact with Hai Tan according to the information in the footer. “


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