An automatic warehouse system is a key product of Hai Tan Conveyor. This is the solution that the warehouses of large factories have applied.

The automatic warehouse form helps investors reduce the warehouse area, manage goods better, increase the speed of transportation through the warehouse … The automatic warehouse form is especially effective in cold storage.

There are several main types of automated warehouses currently in operation, including pallet flow, shuttle rack, and AS-RS.

The pallet flow uses a free-running roller rack mounted on a rack with a suitable angle. Pallets will flow from high to low ends. This type helps the warehouse reduce the area of ​​the aisle of the forklift.

The shuttle rack type uses a robot system to move pallets inside the rack system. Thanks to this system, the warehouse reduced the aisle area of ​​the forklift.

AS-RS warehouse-type has a high height, making use of space by height. This type of warehouse must leave aisles for the lifting crane, but it is significantly smaller than the forklift’s path.

In addition, Hai Tan offers some form of semi-automatic warehouse with cheaper investment, such as Mobile Rack. A shelf system with wheels at the bottom and can be moved back and forth horizontally. When you need to pick up goods in a certain pallet position, the entire shelf will move to the sides, leaving a space wide enough for the forklift to go in and pick up.

Mobile Racking Storage

Racking system with wheels at the bottom and can be moved back and forth horizontally

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Shuttle Rack Storage

Kệ chứa hàng công nghiệp shuttle rack

Shuttle Rack warehouse is suitable for food and beverage industry

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Palet Flow Storage

Kệ chứa hàng pallet flow

Pallet Flow warehouse used in frozen storage, food

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AS-RS Storage

Kệ kho chứa hàng as-rs

AS-RS warehouse is suitable for large distribution centers.

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