In logistic fields, especially in the post office, express delivery, retail distribution warehouse, e-commerce warehouse … the classification system is an indispensable component if you want to scale big.

Hệ thống phân loại

Sorter system of Interroll

Mô phỏng hệ thống phân loại

Simulation of sorter system of Interroll

Hệ thống phân loại cho ngành bưu chính

Sorter in Courier and Postal

Horizontal sorter system

Mô hình hệ thống phân loại

Model sorter system

Basically, the classification system will be designed based on the needs of customers. The main components of the system include conveyors, and redirection and inspection machines.

Currently, in the Vietnam market, there are few qualified contractors to design and produce the entire system. If fully imported, the cost is high and maintenance is difficult. Hai Tan with an assembly plant in Thu Duc, TP. Ho Chi Minh City accompanies many big manufacturers in Thailand such as Interroll, Intermat …. very confident to have enough capacity to carry out large projects.


Come to Hai Tan, customers will be consulted, dedicated service from the quotation to the time of ordering, installation, operation, maintenance, warranty.

  • After receiving specific requests from customers, Hai Tan will send technicians to the factory to survey.
  • There are survey results, depending on the complexity of the request, Hai Tan will provide many design ideas (up to 5 ideas), shown on 3D models and presented to customers. Customers will choose based on these ideas, add requirements, and finalize the final solution. Quotes will be calculated based on this option.
  • After signing the contract, all the system components are made available in the form of a factory module, installed, and commissioned before being transported to the project.
  • At the project, Hai Tan tries to accelerate the installation progress to avoid affecting production activities. Hai Tan can be installed during holidays and Tet holidays to take advantage of the downtime.
  • Typically, products supplied by Hai Tan will be warranted for a minimum of 12 months. During the warranty process, Hai Tan is committed to seriously carrying out its duties.

Hai Tan’s motto is to serve our best, not to be afraid to share. Hai Tan’s goal is to bring products that are not the cheapest but the best, the most effective for customers. For further information, please contact Hai Tan at the footer.