Robotics Arm

Hai Tan’s robot specializes in lifting. Specific applications such as lifting robots, intermediate transport robots … Hai Tan does not provide welding robots.

Robotics arm is selected based on the customer’s request. Normally, the products of ABB, Kuka …. are often used.

The design of hand pickers, jigs and programming are done by Hai Tan’s engineers. Therefore, maintenance and warranty issues are very well supported by us nationwide.

In addition to domestic production and design capacity, we also associate with major Thai manufacturers such as CES, PS ….. In special requirements or large constructions, we have the cooperation with these experienced units. Therefore, Hai Tan is confident to meet enough energy for large-scale industrial projects.

Vacuum robotic arm

Robotic arm of ABB, Yaskawa
Vacuum of sheet products

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Gripper Robot

Robotic arm of ABB or Kuka
Specialized pick up goods

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