Lifting machine

A number of auxiliary products for transfer systems such as elevators, elevators, X-tables, or other lifting machines according to specific needs.

Thang nâng hàng

Vertical lift

Thang máy trong bãi xe

Elevator in car park

Bàn nâng chữ X 1 tầng

Lift table X-type 1 floor

Bàn nâng chữ X 2 tầng

Lift table X-type 2 floor

Hai Tan’s lifting machines also include some specialized machines such as pallet feeders, 180-degree pallet rotation machines, weighing machines, weight checking machines, etc.

Máy cấp pallet

Pallet Stacker

Băng tải cân tự động

Loadcell conveyors

Bàn xoay 180 độ

Turntable 180 degrees – Rotate Pallets, cargo boxes of all kinds

Hệ thống băng tải treo ô tô

Car suspension conveyor system

In addition, Hai Tan receives the design of machines according to customers’ requirements.

Outside the factory in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM, Hai Tan also has a team of powerful engineers, experienced. Besides, Hai Tan has cooperated with some big suppliers in the same field such as CES, PS .. from Thailand.