Conveyors system

Hai Tan’s conveyor system includes products for Intralogistic and production lines. Hai Tan provides a full range of conveyors available on the market such as roller conveyor, belt conveyor, plastic chain conveyor, bucket load, screw conveyor ….

In addition, Hai Tan also provides some special types of products in lifting, conveying such as loading and unloading goods to containers, spiral conveyors, lift ladders ….

Hai Tan’s products are for industrial production, so we use materials and equipment from big and prestigious brands.

Hai Tan has an assembly plant in Thu Duc, TP. HCM. In addition, there is support from affiliated companies in Thailand. Hai Tan is confident to be able to meet all requirements of customers.

Stainless steel mesh conveyor

Mesh conveyor used in washing, drying, firing, baking lines

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Specialized products for loading and unloading goods

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băng tải topchain

Topchain conveyor is specialized in beer and beverage industry

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Modular Belt

Modular conveyors specializing in transporting goods in pieces, packages, bottles and jars

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Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyor applications are diverse in the industrial manufacturing sector

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Roller Conveyors

Roller conveyor is specialized in transporting solid and bulk cargo

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