Common types of industrial conveyors

Posted by Khuê Trần Đăng on 18/07/2020

Industrial conveyors are one of the methods of transporting goods within the factory. Conveyors are also equipped to connect the manipulators in a production line.
Conveyors are usually fixed systems, used to convey goods regularly and in large volumes. In addition, there are several types of mobile conveyors that serve certain purposes.
This article describes some of the most commonly used industrial conveyors today.

Roller conveyor

Roller conveyor is a type of conveyor is composed of a series of rollers arranged on the same plane, the same support frame. Goods will be moved on the surface of those rollers by rotation.

This type of conveyor is widely used especially suitable for transporting blocks of goods with a flat surface such as cartons, beer tanks, soft drinks, …, pallets.

Conveyor belt

This is the most popular industrial conveyor belt today. This conveyor usually consists of a conveyor belt system, active rollers, passive rollers, and frame sections. A loading belt is usually made from PVC, PU. During operation, the goods are placed on the belt and move through the belt movement.

This type of conveyor is suitable for loading bulk materials such as granules, powders, packages, small bags, production materials …

Plastic chain conveyor (modular belt)

This is a variation of belt conveyor. Instead of using PVC or PU belts, a strip of tape is made up of links. A structure is similar to the sprocket of hoes, tanks.
Plastic chain conveyors come in two forms: topchain and modular.

băng tải topchain
băng tải topchain

Depending on the application, this type of conveyor will have structure and many different classifications. Typically, plastic conveyor chains are often used in canning lines, bottles …
This type of conveyor belt often has a high transport speed, durability, high stability, can integrate many application variants, and is quite expensive.

Chain conveyor

Conveyor chains used for heavy loads such as pallets … Instead of a belt, people use conveyor chains.

Mesh conveyor

Mesh conveyor is a variation of belt conveyor. Instead of using belts, people replace with stainless steel mesh or plastic to transport some special goods.

Pneumatic conveyor

Pneumatic conveyors use high pressure compressed air to blow materials away in a pipe.
A pneumatic conveyor is used to transport powder, grain … The advantage of this conveyor belt is extremely high. We often see pneumatic conveyor belts used in cement plants, animal feed processing plants, etc.
In industry, we may come across many other types of industrial conveyors, not on the list. The way of classifying and naming them depends on their structure and application.

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