UR – COBOT collaborative robot pioneered era 4.0

Posted by Bình Hữu on 19/04/2020

I. Introduction Universal-Robots

Universal-Robot (UR) is a robot manufacturing company established in Denmark. UR is one of the largest UR Cooper Robot suppliers in the world. With the main Cobot lines UR3, UR5, UR10, UR16. Corresponding to the volume that the robot can lift: 3 Kg, 5 Kg, 10 Kg, 16 Kg. In particular, 2018 launched the line: E-series. The letter “E” stands for “evolution” (evolution), “empowering people” (empowering people). And especially the most important is “easy to use” (easy to use).

Logo công ty  Universal-Robots
Logo of Universal-Robots

II. Why choose Universal-Robot

a. Automation of UR Collaboration Robot

If you want your company automation to increase productivity, further development, let UR help you. UR’s collaborative robots can help your company achieve all the advantages of the automation process. Allow your company to access the full benefits of automation with Cobot without the costs incurred compared to traditional robots (difficult programming, long installation times, needing a protective barrier, occupying area). From there, your company will have access to the automation process quickly and keep pace with the trend of the times.

Cobot UR tự động hóa
Cobot UR

b. Differences of UR Collaboration Robot

In addition to Cobot products, UR offers the UR + ecosystem with certified solutions. UR + ecosystem provides devices and accessories compatible with machine arms to support products such as cameras, sensors, grippers, polishers, glue spraying, preforming, welding.

The UR + ecosystem almost provides all the necessary equipment and accessories in industries, automating virtually every process and every scale. You just need to have an idea, UR + will turn that idea into a reality. UR helps break down all technological barriers, making everything easy and economical.

c. Usefulness of UR Collaboration Robot

Robot programming for companies first applying robots in production is a huge barrier. Lack of manpower trained in robotics, inexperienced in troubleshooting, integrating, installing, etc. So many companies choose to contact experts to ask them to come to the factory for analysis. , robot programming, troubleshooting. Each time it will cost a lot of costs such as the cost of hiring experts, the cost of travel and accommodation for them.

Besides, some or all of the lines may have to stop waiting for experts to come, which will greatly affect production. With UR, programming and troubleshooting are simple and convenient and save a lot of time. Employees of your company can become a Cobot programmer in less than 90 minutes with the online course of Universal- Robot Academy. Thus, your company will save a lot of money incurred for robots later.

Cobot UR

III. Contact with Universal-Robots

1. Direct contact:

You can contact Universal-Robot directly via https://www.universal-robots.com/ for advice on solutions, devices, Cobot suitable to the system you need.

2. Agent contact:

Communicating and working directly with Universal-Robot sometimes has many obstacles. In terms of distance, tax, transportation, paperwork, response time, time zone difference. So you can work through agents in Vietnam. Hai Tan is proud to be one of the prestigious and quality agents authorized by Universal-Robot.

With the motto of Hai Tan is to serve his best, not afraid to share. Hai Tan’s goal is to bring the products that are not the cheapest but the best, the most effective for customers. We will receive ideas, requests from customers then analyze and propose the best plans, solutions and provide the equipment that is suitable for your project.


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