Cobot – Robots collaborate with humans

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1. What is Cobot?

Cobot or collaborate robot is a robot that can work in a common space or operate safely with people. Robots have been used in industries for a long time, productivity and Product quality increased significantly. But robots cannot completely replace human ingenuity and flexibility, so the most effective solution chosen by most large companies is to use robots to work with humans.

At that time, a problem arose that the safety of workers threatened by robots could only work mechanically, repeating on a regular basis. In fact, there have been many tragic accidents caused by robots. Cobot was born to solve these problems. Cobot is designed with human priority in mind, with a combination of multiple sensors, a rounded, lightweight design that is friendly to humans.

Robot cộng tác làm việc với con người
Robots work with humans

2. Differences between industrial robots and Cobot.

As described above, the biggest difference between Cobot and industrial robots is safety. Cobot’s price is usually more expensive than industrial robots, but that’s worth it. Try a small calculation: a mid-range industrial robot costs approximately 400 million, a Cobot with the same function can cost twice as much. At first glance, industrial robots seem to be more economical, but when an incident occurs, industrial robots can have serious consequences for workers’ health, even life-threatening. This affects the morale of the employees, the reputation of the company, remedying the consequences will be difficult and even more expensive than investing a Cobot in the first place.

Besides safety, some of the typical differences between Cobot and industrial robots are described in the following table:

Industrial robots Cobot
Heavy Light
High head site costSave cost
Need more spaceNo need much space
Separated from humansWorking friendly with people

3. Advantages of Cobot.

a. Improve operational efficiency

The first benefit that must be mentioned is the ability to help improve productivity and work efficiency. Cobot is preprogrammed with functions similar to humans. With flexibility, and security, Cobot is applied in many different fields. The close interaction between people and Cobot will lead to increased productivity and a more efficient production process. Whereas with a traditional robot, a broken robot could freeze the entire manufacturing operation.

Robot cộng tác trong dây chuyền sản xuất
Cobot in the production line

b. Saving space

Cobot helps to save considerable space. With the same job, there is no need to use more human resources or heavy machinery. Instead, a smaller sized Cobot is able to complete these tasks quickly and properly. Not only that, they also help save space compared to when installing bulky, heavy and dangerous machines.

Không gian lắp đặt Cobot nhỏ
Cobot installation space is small

c. Cost savings

Being able to handle multiple jobs at the same time, Cobot helps to save a lot of expenses such as labor cost, maintenance cost, machine maintenance, ground rental cost, and especially cost. needed to overcome the consequences of an occupational accident.

d. Limiting errors

No matter how well-trained the staff is, of course, in the course of work, making mistakes is unavoidable. With programming, careful calculations in every detail, Cobot minimizes errors caused by human errors.

e. Suitable for small and medium scale production

It is common for large industries with high production volumes to choose a solution that focuses on full automation of production, while small and medium industries, especially in developing countries, will take advantage of Cheap and abundant manual labor to optimize costs. Most Cobots do not require a large setup process, they are flexible to adjust different outputs, are safe and work well with humans, and are suitable for small and medium production.

Potential of COBOT.

With the above advantages, the potential of Cobot’s application in modern industry is huge. Some common applications of Cobot such as

a. Cobot integrated in automatic assembly line

The integration of the robot arm into the automatic assembly line helps the assembly operations proceed more quickly and accurately, applied in the fields of electronics and electronics, manufacturing automotive components …

Robot cộng tác  trong dây chuyền lắp ráp
Cobot in the assembly line

b. Cobot application in the picking and placing line

Using an industrial robot arm for picking and placing is highly effective, the robot will support tasks such as loading and unloading, handling unsold products without the intervention of worker.

Robot cộng tác  tự động gắp và lắp
Cobot automatically picks up and installs

c. Cobot, industrial robot arm incorporating CNC machine

One of the main jobs of Cobot combined with CNC machines is to participate in the process of automatic workpiece feeding: the workpiece feeding and removing products for machine tools for CNC machining.

Robot cộng tác  kết hợp với máy CNC
Cobot combined with CNC machine

d. Cobot, industrial robotic arm for automatic grinding and polishing

Grinding and polishing work will be made easier with the participation of the collaborative robot arm, which is especially safe when limiting people to work in conditions prone to accidents.

Robot cộng tác trong công nghiệp mài đánh bóng tự động
Cobot in auto polishing industry

e. Some other applications

Cobot automatically packed
Cobot, an industrial robotic arm for automatic glue application.
Cobot, automatic welding industrial robot arm.
Cobot, an industrial robot arm for automated testing.

In addition to the above three applications, collaborative robots are also used in many different fields. However, within the scope of this article, Hai Tan only presents the most popular applications

Operation motto of Hai Tan

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