1200 robotic arms in Vinfast car factory

Posted by Khuê Trần Đăng on 30/08/2020

The $ 3.5 billion car factory of Vinfast is one of the featured industrial projects in the country. In addition to its economic value, this factory also has many other meanings for the remarkable progress of the country’s mechanical and electronics industry.

Car factory of Vinfast

True to the spirit of “having money can make it all”, billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong has proved to the whole country that we can overcome many barriers in both engineering and technology when we have enough money. If we can’t do it, we can hire the person who can do it for us.

The whole of the factory is a complete production line from manufacturing, processing, to assembly workshops. There are many advanced technologies applied to the line to operate smoothly, efficiently and to meet standards.

QC step at Vinfast factory

With the maximum automation possible, this car factory has thoroughly applied robotic arms to replace humans or other specialized machine systems. The robotic arm is inherently known for its high flexibility and stability.

Busy robots working at the welding workshop

At the welding workshop, up to 1,200 ABB welding robots are installed and operated synchronously under SAP management software. This is the most modern hull welding workshop in Southeast Asia until the time it was inaugurated.

Robots work at hull welding workshop

Engine factory, grabbing robot arms are installed in the stages of feeding workpieces, taking finished products, assembling parts, transporting.

Engine assembly robot

The factory’s 2-hectare paint workshop also installs robotic arms wrapped outside to replace less flexible old-generation paint nozzles.

Modern and flexible paint spraying robot

At the assembly workshop, robotic arm lift systems assist assembly workers to quickly and accurately perform operations.

Workers assemble under the assistance of lifting robots

Not only the production stage, but also in the training of Vinfast at the factory, robotic arms are also equipped to help the trainees get acquainted with modern technology.

Robots in training area phase 2

Of course, the application of state-of-the-art roboticists as described above is just one of many other modern technologies that Vinfast has to equip in order to achieve the world’s manufacturing level. But it also shows that, in any industry with investment in modern technology, there will be productivity, quality and strict standards.


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