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Event: Launch HaiTan Conveyors (HTC) brand in Vietnam

At 2-1-2020, Haitan Conveyors had a Launch ceremony with the participation of all members in Haitan Group (HTG) and VIP customer, partner.

We have 1 assembly workshop in HCMC with a strong engineering force. Besides that, Haitan also cooperates with some famous brands in Thailand such as CES, the brand had over 15 years of experience who used to serve Toyota, Redbull, Donmuong Airport…

At the ceremony, our partner like Interroll (roller makers), Amerrall (bell supplier), Unichain (modular bell supplier), Tsbaki (chain supplier), Sew (motor), Hyundai, Hanyoung (electric equipment) also join with us.

Haitan Conveyors has very well invested and prepared in terms of design and production capacity to serve the industrial production market in Vietnam.

HaiTan’s motto is to serve our best, not to be afraid to share. HaiTan’s goal is to bring the products that are not the cheapest but the best, the most effective for customers

hệ thống băng tải tự động


hệ thống băng tải con lăn
  • Foods.
  • Textile and garment.
  • Couries, Express and Parcel
  • Tire, car.
  • Chemical.
  • Pharmacy.
  • Airport.
  • Super market: counting conveyors
  • Feedmill.
  • Beer and Beverage.
  • Packaging.


Hệ thống băng tải
Conveyors System and AGV
Máy nâng vận
Robotics Arm
nhà kho thông minh
Smart Storage

Implementation scale
Haitan specializes in large-scale projects, chains, and package systems.

In addition, for the most convenience to customers, Hai Tan has received maintenance, repair and replacement of existing lines.

Quality standards

HaiTan’s products are all manufactured under ISO9001-2003 standards.